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"I really enjoyed your presentation style. You beautifully articulate some really important life skills that we should all implement to live a happy and successful life. Great workshop! Thanks so much. Highly recommend!"

Joni Combe, Feb 2020

"My biggest learning was where you feel everything fits on your "wheel of life" and how to change your mindset. You have a very natural ability to captivate an audience. Well done!"

Ally Griffiths, Feb 2020

"I really enjoyed the quotes!! The workshop was a great opportunity to refocus and spend time on myself".

Jaime Hitch, Feb 2020

"Christina speaks eloquently and beautifully about important life skills. I love her natural and direct approach -refreshing, uplifting and positive."

Olivia Trussell, Feb 2020

"I really enjoyed all the personal examples and stories."

Verity Saunders, Feb 2020 

“Wow, wow, wow! This is mind blowing. The Red Flag concept has changed my life. Thankyou Christina”.

Brigitte Zaghloul, August 2019


“The workshop was logical, practical and actionable. I was able to start applying what I’d learnt that same day.”

Narelle Shea, Oct 2018

“Christina is a passionate and knowledgeable presenter. The Total Focus workshop has given me several “a-ha” moments – definitely valuable!”

Cherie Broad, Oct 2018

“I have achieved more in the last five months than I have in five years. Christina has helped me understand the psychology behind why people struggle to achieve their goals. I used to say I don’t have time, but I've realised it was just an excuse.”

Rani Yorkston, July 2018

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